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Welcome to Club Mom

Clubmom is a magazine for mothers of all ages in the Greater Toronto Area. We keep moms connected with each other and with what’s happening around town, fashion, shopping, and parenting tips.

Launched by a mom of three kids with a team of inspiring women, we understand your desire to provide only the best for your family.

With the clubmom discount card moms save big $$$ by pooling their buying power to get the best deals in town! More than 150 businesses have signed on and we continue to add more every day.

We handpick our vendors to ensure high quality products and services across the city. And, of course, we love getting recommendations from our moms. Tell us who your favorite vendors are and we’ll approach them about joining clubmom.

But we bring you more than just great savings! Toronto moms can stay in the loop on the city’s most interesting activities and events with our weekly Mommy Planner. Plan stuff for your kids, for yourself or a night out with your partner.

We also do our best to keep you informed with practical tips and advice from our expert panel of bloggers about many issues, such as keeping your marriage healthy, your kids happy and your body in tip top shape.




There might be a baby show convention in your locality and you are wondering whether to attend. Knowing what you may learn from this event beforehand might help you decide whether to attend or not. At high quality and well-organized baby shows, expectant and new parents can visit the booths of both national and local vendors and expect to learn more about the following.

Items and Equipment

Equipment and items ideal for a baby are arguably the most featured of all. Attending parents will get the opportunity to see and learn about all the latest, advanced, and exciting products currently available on the market. New types and inventions of nursery furniture, strollers, children clothing items, innovative toys, and a multitude of baby formula and foods are on display. The vendors offer enlightening and detailed literature on the products, including pros and cons. Some vendors will even offer free samples, plus experts are always available to give advice and more information about the featured items.

Maternity Items

Expectant and new parents can find a variety of new clothing styles and designs at a baby show convention. Both formal and informal clothing styles for expectant mothers will also be available. Some of the maternity items featured include special pillows, informative books and DVDs regarding the process of childbirth, as well as lotions and creams for the comfort of both expectant mothers and new-born children.


At these gatherings, many beneficial services are also on offer. Life insurance personnel, midwives, managers and owners of child care centers, and representatives of personal care will all be in attendance to provide guidance, answers, and additional information relating to the concerns new and expectant parents have. You get the opportunity to visit these professionals with the aim of finding out what would best fit you and your child.

Safety Supplies

Same as the BabyTime Show, baby show conventions also feature the best in safety supplies and parents can learn how best to keep their children from any sort of harm or danger, as well as course of action during an emergency. Safety supplies available for perusal and purchase include preventative supplies, and experts will always be close at hand in seminars and on a one-to-one basis to provide parents with even more information on ensuring the safety and security of their families.


A number of seminars and speeches on topics such as childcare, breastfeeding, food and nutrition, parenthood, and family fun will be offered. Entire families are welcome for such presentations since it boosts bonds and unity. Questions on vital topics will be answered, providing parents with an enhanced peace of mind and confidence regarding the entire process of child birth and rearing.

Additionally, music, mini concerts, a play area for children, and fun activities are all available at these conventions. Attending makes for a day well spent with your entire family in preparation for a new arrival or the care of one.

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Child Care

You are a parent in need of a quality daycare for your child. You want what is best for the family but don’t quite know how to begin this search. Here are 6 steps you should follow in your quest for the perfect child care Toronto solution.

Ask Friends and/or Relatives With Young Children

This is your best source of information as they will have honest, first-hand knowledge of the best childcare facilities. They can give you the pros and cons of each, and provide you with insight as to exactly what to look for and where.

Choose a Specific Type of Daycare

You may also wish to narrow down your choice of a facility by deciding on a specific type. Do you want to enroll your child in a large commercial facility with many extras or at a licensed home daycare that provides care to smaller groups? Church child care centers may also be a viable option in your community.

Compare Costs

Your budget may also be a determining factor. Tuition varies widely between different facilities, and this may be one question you may want answered first before you begin narrowing down your choices. Remember, the least expensive may not be the best choice. In fact, 1 in 4 preschools fail to meet quality standards. Choose a facility with reasonable costs and adequate staff.

Consider Location and Hours of Operation

These two factors are also high on your priority list. You will want a facility that is either close to your home or your place of work. The hours must also be compatible with your needs. For example, if you choose a daycare close to home but don’t get off work until six and your daycare closes at six, it is obvious that you will need to select another option.

Request References

After you have narrowed down your choices, always ask for parental references. Call these individuals and ask pertinent questions about attentiveness, safety, equipment, and meals. Objective parents who have used or are using these services can be an excellent source of information, insight and guidance.

Put Safety First

At each site, ask about the locations of first aid kits, fire extinguishers, and automated external defibrillator (AED) machines. Check the playground equipment to be sure that it has no sharp edges or other safety concerns. Inquire as to medical skills and certifications of the staff. Evacuation procedures should also be readily available, so parents know where to find their offspring in the case of a fire or other emergency. Study shows that child abuse at daycare are fairly rare so you don’t have to worry too much about that.

Finding the right child care is not a challenge to take lightly. You will want to know that your youngster will be safe, happy, and very well cared for. Following the above suggestions will have you well on your way to having the best in daycare options.

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Laser Hair Removal

You may have heard about laser hair removal and wondered if it was right for you. Every year, literally millions of women and men are having unwanted hair permanently and quickly removed from the face, arms, legs, back, bikini areas and underarms. A plastic surgeon or dermatologist uses a handheld device that targets the hair at the root with heat, destroying the follicle so that hair no longer grows there. The following are some excellent reasons why you should consider laser hair removal based on the latest trends in the beauty and body aesthetics industries.

No More Waxing!

Having problem areas professionally waxed to remove unwanted hair is expensive, and results are temporary. Waxing is also quite painful, especially to more sensitive areas on the body such as bikini lines, the upper lip and the latest trend is for men, removing hair from their chests and backs. Waxing works by sticking to the hair at skin level and yanking it out. Sometimes the hair breaks off instead of coming out with the wax, resulting in painful and unsightly ingrown hairs. Laser treatment targets the darkest part of the hair at the follicle and prevents new hair from growing. Beauty experts report more people are opting for laser treatments, leaving the waxing in the past where it belongs!

Way Better than Shaving!

Shaving with a razor has to be done on a daily basis to keep unwanted hair under control. Razors are expensive, and hair grows right back in the form of ugly and uncomfortable stubble. Shaving also only removes the hair at skin level and if your razor isn’t fresh it can leave a red, bumpy rash behind (razor burn) and razors can easily nick and cut the skin, even resulting in scars or infection. Laser hair removal Burlington do not harm the skin around the hair at all and there is no risk of cuts or even bruising. Thanks to the latest advances in the laser devices, laser removal of hair is virtually painless.

Cost Effectiveness

Whether you wax, shave or use a depilatory, you have to keep repeating these techniques for life (or live with unwanted hair!) and the costs for these methods adds up over a lifetime. For example, a women’s shaver with a handle and four 5 blade razor refills costs on average about $12-$14 for a one month supply. Plus shaving cream is about $4 per can every month, so approximately $20/month is $240 every year. Waxing costs even more! Compare that to how much a permanent, quick and pain free solution costs and laser hair removal is actually much less expensive in the long run! See this HuffingtonPost article that goes into it in more detail. Laser hair removal is the wave of the future when it comes to looking great and feeling confident about your appearance. Call for a consultation today!

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Modern women consider the extension of eyelashes the difference between a professional appearance and a casual look. Most of these women turn to the use of mascara to extend their eyelashes while others go to great lengths and experiment with the artificial eyelashes. Eyelash extensions are quick-fixes that are costly to install and maintain. While some women do not mind paying a little more, others prefer to train their eyelashes to suit their taste. Whatever your preference, an experienced beautician can modify your eyelashes in a myriad of ways.

Fake Eyelashes

Fake eyelashes are dramatic and enhance your eyes. False eyelashes are not for single use, but you can reuse them later. Cleaning the eyelashes involves removing the mascara so that you can apply new makeup as you recycle your lashes.

Curly eyelashes

Curly lashes enhance your appearance by opening your eyes to a broad range of possibilities. You can use an eyelash curler and mascara to get curly eyelashes and maximize the popping effect that stands out. After using the curler, apply the right mascara to maintain the shape. The standard tubular wand mascara is the ideal candidate since it can tweak your lashes to the form of your choice.

Long and thick eyelashes

Long eyelashes are beautiful to the eyes, and also good for your health. Natural and long eyelashes are your best option since they look cute with minimal effort. These lashes come with lots of advantages since they give you a professional image without breaking a sweat. For many women have the short and thin eyelashes, the goal is to have long and thick eyelashes anytime. For an evening outing, the longer and thicker eyelashes create a cute look and add to the romance with little to no effort, while for the shorter eyelashes, you would have to use a lot of time and money to achieve the same result.

Custom eyelashes

While you are likely to lose at least five lashes in a day, the replacements come almost immediately. The new eyelashes that replace the old brow are adaptable to any form of your choice. Some eyelashes grow facing downwards, but a beautician can train them to face upward with a daily upkeep regimen. If you apply mascara close to the inner lid and swipe the wand upwards, your lashes will remain in the desired position all day long. For a thickening effect, apply mascara, and then use an eyelash comb to separate the lashes. Stimulate eyelash growth by brushing the entire brow to adhere to your custom shape. Today, the image is everything, and eyelash extension training is instrumental for the upwardly mobile lady. Grooming is important for women who want to look gorgeous and romantic or stand out from the crowd.

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Jambu Gabby Eco Slip-On Loafer

Designed to fit seamlessly into lifestyles across generations of Eco conscious women, the Jambu Gabby Eco slip-on loafer is made to be a superb alternative to the favorite casual shoes most women choose, tennis shoes. They are comfortable like a casual shoe, with the good looks and city inspired tempo of an upscale trendy shoe.

Women who are in tune with the pleasure of helping the environment love the choice of the Jambu Gabby shoe with its innovative styling, highlighted by Eco-friendly features. Jambu Gabby shoes feature a rubber sole that is biodegradable and made from partially recycled materials. When the shoe is no longer being used, it will break down in a landfill in only about 25 years, compared with potentially hundreds of years with traditionally soled shoes.

A Fashionable Choice With An Eco Conscience

Jambu Gabby shoes have become a popular choice for shoppers with an Eco conscience who choose to shop one shoe stores Canada. When customers choose Jambu Gabby Eco slip-on loafers, they get a variety of new technological advances like:

– An antibacterial EVA foot-bed

– A partially recycled material out-sole that biodegrades in about 25 years

– A convenient woven pull loop on the back

– Stylish canvas and leather accented upper

– Comfortable slip-on styling

– Elastic pieces that join the canvas upper for superior comfort

– A specially designed All-Terra traction rubber sole for excellent traction on all surfaces

– A memory foam cushioned foot-bed for exceptional comfort

In addition, consumers know that when they choose to buy Jambu Gabby shoes, they are choosing to buy from a company with a culture of environmental conscientiousness. The Jambu Footwear Company has an admirable goal of planting new trees every year, to attempt to lessen their carbon footprint and to have an ecologically sound business model.

The Choice To Shop Online

Smart consumers today love to buy shoes online in Canada to help the environment. They find they can reduce the need to travel to a store, eliminating the gasoline usage and carbon monoxide emissions that traveling in person entails. It’s more convenient and faster to make a choice from one shoe stores Canada. Shopping online also saves time and effort.

Eco Friendly Products Make Sense

For those who are dedicated to making our world a better place for the citizens of tomorrow and interested in protecting natural resources, it simply makes sense to choose the most Eco friendly products available. Choices like nature inspired Jambu Gabby shoes that are beautiful on your feet and good for the environment make you feel uplifted. You know that you’re taking part in a movement to improve the environment and preserve our beautiful outdoors for future generations.

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