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Welcome to Club Mom

Clubmom is a magazine for mothers of all ages in the Greater Toronto Area. We keep moms connected with each other and with what’s happening around town, fashion, shopping, and parenting tips.

Launched by a mom of three kids with a team of inspiring women, we understand your desire to provide only the best for your family.

With the clubmom discount card moms save big $$$ by pooling their buying power to get the best deals in town! More than 150 businesses have signed on and we continue to add more every day.

We handpick our vendors to ensure high quality products and services across the city. And, of course, we love getting recommendations from our moms. Tell us who your favorite vendors are and we’ll approach them about joining clubmom.

But we bring you more than just great savings! Toronto moms can stay in the loop on the city’s most interesting activities and events with our weekly Mommy Planner. Plan stuff for your kids, for yourself or a night out with your partner.

We also do our best to keep you informed with practical tips and advice from our expert panel of bloggers about many issues, such as keeping your marriage healthy, your kids happy and your body in tip top shape.




Iconic model Cindy Crawford, a mother of two, was once asked how she kept her hair young-looking, and she replied that it’s not plastic surgery but a good cut and hair color that allow women to look amazing.

The right hairstyles for moms can significantly boost one’s appearance. In fact, allowing a talented hair stylist to create a new look can be quite transformational.

When looking for the perfect do, searching through social media gives you a lot of options and ideas to bring to the hair salon Toronto. Celebrities are moms, too, and they are trendsetters, meaning they are the first ones to try out new styles, treatments, colors and techniques. Famous faces are more than happy to share on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Here are our 5 Hairstyles For Moms To Make You Look Younger:

Jessica Alba Hairstyle

Jessica Alba’s Blunt Wavy Shoulder Length
Jessica Alba’s hair looks effortless with a beachy wave and texture falling to below shoulder length. This versatile trend in hairstyles for moms looks beautiful up, down, side-parted or pulled back. It’s modern, and something your hair stylist can achieve for you.


Cynthia Bailey’s Two Cute, Natural Braids
The gorgeous reality TV star of the Real Housewives of Atlanta suggests “talking a weave break, ladies.” The model loves switching it up at the hair salon with weaves and wigs but also goes natural. So she washes, conditions, air-dries and fashions hair into two, trendy ponytails or braids.

Reese Witherspoon Soft, Face-Framing Layers
The lovely blonde actress is always one of the best-dressed and best-coiffed in Hollywood. Her signature locks feature long layers that enhance her bone structure. Side-parted or down the middle, your hair stylist can copy this classic for you at the hair salon.

Royal Trendy Lob for Duchess Kate
The Duchess of Cambridge has thick, glossy hair admired around the globe, and many fans have followed suit with Kate’s new royal lob. This longer length bob and side-part works well for many occasions for this busy mom of two. Prince William approves of her new do.

Sharon Stone’s Short, Blonde Volume
At 57, this sexy mom with three active, young boys looks ageless. She has kept her famous blonde tresses short for years now. Sharon loves playing around with color, volume and brushing hair off her face to display her lovely features.

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When it comes to men and their fashion, seasons often go by without any real difference in mens clothing one season to the next. However, this winter men have come to embrace their fashion sense, and from accessories to casual wear are making a huge statement. Learn all about the awesomely trendy mens fashion this winter and how men are really stepping it up this year.

Gone are the days of simple cardigans, sweaters and pullovers in classic white, beige, black, gray, and brown that are the classic men staples as the temperatures drop. Today’s fashion for men includes hot neon colors that are decidely masculine, including deep purple, burgundy, orange, green, blue and even yellow. Mens clothing today is all about color and contrast, making trends more attractive and eye-catching than ever before.

Casual clothing is all the rage this winter season as well for men. Khakis, comfortable slacks, and wide leg jeans help make a man feel warm and cozy in his winterwear without feeling confined. Casual pants also help tone down trendy tops, completing a man’s wardrobe this season.

Shoes in comfortable loafers of all colors and designs are highly popular among men as well. Loafers this season go with all styles of outfits in mens fashion and help to complete any stylish look a man is wanting to accomplish.

Scarves and gloves are also a common trend this year in mens fashion. Paired with bold sweaters in an array of masculine and fun colors, a plain scarf and pair of gloves in winter white, beige, gray, and deep browns help make a warm outfit complete without being over the top. Scarves thick and bulky create a masculine appeal that all men love to stay warm this season.

A man balking at the thought of boldly hued sweaters and tops can take advantage of another fashion trend with men this year, which is thick stripes. Beautifully contrasted stripes in a sweater or pullover help to embrace the colorful trend with mens clothing this winter while being more subtle in design. Paired with a comfortable pair of casual jeans or khakis, striped tops make a great fashion choice for any trendy man wanting to make a statement this year. Striped tops are a great choice for men who want to be trendy without being too fashionable at the same time.

This season, there are many types of fashionable choices a man can make to be cool and trendy, from comfortable loafers that work with any outfit to a boldly colored sweater that looks and feels amazing. Men who love fashion can embrace the vibrant colors that are popular this season and beyond, and take advantage of prints and designs that are trendy and msculine in style. Even a casual striped sweater makes a statement for the man who likes to be trendy without being too over the top, and with casual wear being ever-popular, a male can be both comfortable and on top of style at the same time.

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When you are someone who is invested in making a good impression at a job interview, you will find that it is time for you to consider what you are wearing. We all know the old tropes about dressing for the job that you want, but what are the particulars? As a matter of fact, what should you avoid? Knowing what not to where can be just as important as knowing what to wear, so take a moment to consider what you need to know.

Loud Colors
For the most part, skip the loud colors. If there is anything too bright, glaring or discordant about your color choices, you will find that you are going to get shunted to one side. Take a moment to think about the colors in your wardrobe. The important thing to remember is that loud is not the same as bold. A bold color manages to help you stand out; a loud one is a distraction that means that you will not be regarded favorably. If you have issues telling one from the other, get a friend to help you.

Large Patterns
Large patterns tend to be frowned upon in the business workplace. If you have an outfit that has a small amount of patterns, especially if the repeating images are fairly small, you’ll be fine. However, you will discover that large patterns can give you a clownish look when you can least afford one. Take a moment to think about what your wardrobe looks like. A large pattern can be quite off-putting, so find something a little more sedate.

Anything Childish
There is nothing wrong with having a love of childish things, but for the most part, this will not serve you well in the workplace. When you are going in for a job interview, your personality can be slighlty playful, but leave anything else childish at home. For example, if you have a Hello Kitty purse or charm, leave it at home. You want people to remember you for your ability to program or your customer relation skills, not your love of a cartoon character.

Jeans are comfortable, but even if you might expect to wear them on the job if you get it, do not go into the interview wearing them. Wearing jeans implies that you do not take the job seriously. Instead, opt for a nice pair of khakis, simple black slacks or even a well-tailored skirt.

Broomstick Skirts
Though skirts are commonly seen as more professional than pants, you will find that that does not hold true for all skirts. The skirts that you wear to an interview should be tailored, and though they can be any length, it is customary for them to be relatively narrow. Broomstick skirts are loose and flowing, and they call to mind summer fun and times at the beach, not professional customer relations!

Take a few moments to consider what your options are when it comes dressing for an interview. Once you know what not to wear, things get easier.

November 5, 2015 | No Comments

Summer means hot weather, outdoor activities, and hours by the pool. If you are one of many people who live in regions with cold winters and wet springs, summer also means time to shop for a new wardrobe. The winter wardrobe of long pants and sweaters can be neatly packed away for a few months of sunshine and warmth. Picking out what to wear in the summer months can be a challenge. Women run the risk of showing too much skin while men can risk looking too casual and frumpy. By following a few simple tips, however, both men and women can break out their summer styles with confidence.

What to Wear: Women

Summer for women can often mean short shorts and skirt and low cut, sleeveless tops. This style is often for a teenage generation and, while it may be comfortable, it is often inappropriate for a more mature lady. When searching for shorts, look for a pair that approaches that knee that you can comfortably sit and walk in. These can be made of a variety of different fabrics and can still be attractive and cool without showing too much thigh. The coolest skirts and dresses for summer are made of light and flowing material that stretches to the ankle or to the ground. The lose fabric acts as a sun barrier, preventing sun burn and direct heat from the sun, and the excess fabric creates a cool and shady environment for you legs. Similarly, the most stylish and comfortable tops are made of loose flowing material that gives your skin room to breath.

What to Wear: Men

Men’s clothing for summer can get too casual fast. Just because the summer weather is hot does not make athletic shorts appropriate for a day out with the family. Look for shorts made of a patterned material like plaid. This preppy look is classic and comfortable. If you are a slender guy, don’t be afraid to wear shorts above the knee. This style is extremely flattering for skinny men and can be cooler than long and baggy shorts. Finally, classic tee shirts are a great choice for summer for men. A simple, solid v-neck can make an outfit look comfortable and feel great. If you are looking for a more formal look, invest in a button down shirt in a light color such as pink or light green. Wear an under shirt and only button it part way. Then roll up the sleeves for a cool and attractive look. Choose fabrics that are cool and can be easily washed, like classic cotton. That way, these outfits can be worn outside in the yard, when playing with your kids or exercising your dog, and they won’t be ruined.

Summer fashions need to be functional, comfortable, affordable, and stylish. By selecting fabrics that breathable and washable, and choosing a few basic pieces that can be worn over and over again, you can create a summer wardrobe that is perfect for your style and your budget.

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weight loss

Post-natal yoga is a great way to get moms back into shape. Almost everyone is familiar with the benefits of prenatal exercise, but very few are familiar with how additional classes aide with the after-birth process. Yoga instructors indicate that post-natal workouts:

– Rebuild softened ligaments and tendons commonly overworked during pregnancy.

– Relax areas of the female body that frequently hold stress, including the neck and upper back.

– Offer new moms a small break in the middle of a hectic day.

– Tighten pelvic floor muscles, a very important issue for women who have recently given birth.

New mothers should not perform heavy aerobic exercises immediately after giving birth. Women who exercised throughout their pregnancy feel that post-natal yoga provides a gentle crossover back into normal routines. For newbies who were never big on workouts, yoga offers a gentle introduction to the world of physical fitness.

How Classes Operate

Post-natal yoga classes welcome newborns! Instructors encourage mothers to use the time as a special bonding experience. In most cases, teachers hold crying babies so mom can assume her desired pose.

Interested parents should contact the class directly for enrollment details. Some require pre-registration, while others work on a drop-in basis. Depending on the class, newborns young as one week old may attend. Some require children to be at least three weeks old.

Attendees are encouraged to come frequently as possible for maximum results. However, instructors understand demands placed on new parents. Mothers attended classes until children start to become a little more active, typically around the age of one.

Sample Poses
Poses that women can do in the comfort of their home include:

– Apanasana, or supine knee to chest poses, for instant back tension relief.

– Virabhadrasana 2, or warrior pose, a standing exercise that strengthens all-important core muscles.

– Viloma Breathing that focuses on inhalations to combat aggravation bought on by sleep deprivation.

When to Start

The human body is an eloquent machine. In some cases, women start poses one week after giving birth. Other women require one or more months to heal for physical activity. A general rule of thumb is always listen to a licensed physician on exactly when to begin working out.

Additional Post-Natal Yoga Benefits

The post-natal period is full of conflicting emotions. Yoga helps new mothers work rebuild mental strength in addition to their outward appearance. Healthy living advocates and scientists alike are beginning to make a connection regarding the role of post-natal yoga in the reduction of depression symptoms.

Based on an ancient Sanskrit word which means “to join”, yoga encourages mind and body to become one. Used for centuries as a relaxation and meditation tool, yoga remains a gentle method maintaining flexibility and strength. The poses remain an excellent way for new mothers to regain their shape.

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