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If you are a strong Canadian man, you may not think that the term “fanny packs” and cool should go in the same sentence. However, fanny packs are some amazing options for protecting your most precious valuables from theft, water damage and misplacement. Cool fanny packs from Fanny Factory are available for you. Therefore, you should consider getting one for your next trip. here are a few ideas for fanny packs that you can purchase for yourself and still feel cool:

The Rugged Fanny Pack

You can purchase an amazingly rugged fanny pack for less than $25 at a sporting goods shop. The outdoors waist pack looks nothing like your average dainty option that you see. It is a thick, sturdy, tough and resilient pack that is designed almost like a backpack. It has a zipper on it for storage, and it has various compartments for organization and storage. This option usually comes in polyester, and you will absolutely love it.

The Tool Roll Fanny Pack

The tool roll fanny pack is a clever option that you may want to look into if you have a profession as a carpenter or other type of handyman. The legacy tool roll has compartments in it that you can place tools such as screwdrivers, hammers, pliers and more. Furthermore, you may be able to find a package that is water resistant.

The Leather Business Fanny Pack

If you are a business man, you may prefer to have something that bears an elegant style. You can certainly find something that has a genuine leather texture and is also big enough to hold all of your important items. You can find sturdy options that have enough room inside of them for books, binders and other business materials that you need to take with you. Leather packs are great for students, as well.

The Surfer Fanny Pack

You will want to find cool fanny packs that are water resistant if you are a surfer or a person who likes to spend time in the water. You can sift through a wide variety of waterproof options for yourself. Do not hesitate to look at some of them. You can even buy a waterproof option if you are into fitness. Many people sweat when they are working out. Fanny pack makers knew that, so they developed options that would repel their sweat. Some of the fitness options come with additional items such as wristband and cases for the cell phone.

Looking for cool fanny packs can turn into a super-fun experience for you. So many options are available that it will be difficult for you not to find something that you like. Start searching for the perfect fanny pack today. More information can be found at Fanny Factory, providing you with additional resources and references.

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Sometimes changing up your hairstyle can bring about a whole new level of confidence along with the serious change in appearance. Many women tend to change how their hair looks depending on the season. For summer, for example, a shorter hairstyle helps keep the head, neck, and shoulders a tad bit cooler in the warm summer sun. For winter, however, a long hairstyle generally keeps all of that nice heat in and around the head. Some, still, opt for appearance over anything else. You can visit your local hair salon to receive the haircut of your dreams after finding a bit of inspiration.


During the hot months of the year, wearing your hair long, flowing down your neck and shoulders, will sometimes feel like a wool scarf. The bob haircut is making a comeback thanks to the cooling effect that it provides. Some women truly enjoy how everything falls into its rightful place when you have such a short, strong hairstyle.

Long Layers

For those women who prefer not to cut their hair short, growing your hair out is highly recommended by a hair stylist. Long, disheveled lairs help remove split ends and craft a soft, ragged-style to your hair. Longer layers tend to feel more organic on most women, and you can usually try various new styles with longer hair.

Bold Curls

After spending countless years braiding and ironing your hair flat, many women find that letting loose their most natural curls is the way to go this year. Bold curls tend to make hair appear more natural and wild, complimenting your personality and wardrobe. Curls are often considered extremely fresh and fun; a great way to simply let loose!

Center Part

The Center Part is one of the most natural looking hair styles currently trending with women across the world. An example of this particular hairstyle would be that of Sophia Vergara, the actress. Skipping the sometimes obnoxious side-part that some women go for, simply throw your hair back from the center and look fabulous!

One-Direction Curls

You may be asking yourself what the boy-band has to do with hair. The answer is nothing! This hairstyle includes curling both sides of your hair and pointing them in the same direction. It is a fresh new take on the structured waves that were so popular last year. A large-barrel curling iron is required to achieve such a style, though. Creating a deep part in the opposite direction, then curl and pull the hair behind one year to keep the locks looking too stiff.

These are just a few simple hairstyles women can try in 2016. They are trending quite well amongst many actresses, models, and celebrities, many of whom inspire young women all over the world. Hair dressors can accomplish anything here. For those of you interested, you can learn more information at Tony Shamas Hair & Laser Salon.

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Cow’s milk remains one of the most common drinks across the entire country. However, it is interesting to realize that most people who experience gas, bloating, or indigestion receive such ailments from drinking dairy products that stem from a cow. There are healthier alternatives that have begun making the rounds in the correct circles, though. One such alternative is goat milk, which is completely raw and organic and far healthier than cow’s milk by far. Much of the population reveals that consuming goat milk lowers the change of an allergic breakout or any digestive troubles.


Many are switching to goat’s milk yogurt, a by-product of organic goat’s milk, as it offers unparalleled benefits over regular cow’s milk. For example, goat milk yogurt does not cause inflammation troubles in those with bowel problems.


Goat milk yogurt converts the lactose within the dairy product into lactic acid, which makes it far easier for most people to digest when compared to plain cow’s milk. The yogurt is easily digested and provides numerous beneficial bacteria and probiotics, balancing out any bad bacteria with large amounts of good bacteria entering into the system.

Internal Benefits

Goat milk yogurt has been discovered to be a truly nourishing, balanced substance that contains countless vitamins, minerals, and proteins that the body requires to function properly and efficiently. Your stomach is capable of breaking down some of these substances, but in goat milk only part of these benefits are broken down fully. Instead, the body begins using more minerals and proteins from the goat milk to run the body more effectively.


Goat milk yogurt is far healthier than most would initially like to consider. For example, the yogurt does not contain any unhealthy gelatin, refined sugar, any sort of preservatives, artificial coloring or flavoring. Additionally, there are no pesticides or growth hormones added into the formula for taste or freshness.

Energy Production

The body requires sustenance in order to produce energy to continue performing well throughout the day. Goat’s milk is a known source of vitamin B2, which is key to the production and overall maintenance of pure energy within the human system. Vitamin B2 does this by attaching to protein enzymes, allowing for oxygen energy production. On top of production, goat’s milk will also protect the energy already stored within the body for future use. A single serving of the yogurt is known to contain 20 percent of your daily riboflavin (vitamin B2).

Some may be turned off by the idea of drinking or eating milk products produced by a goat, which some feel is a dirty animal. However, the health benefits far outweigh any potential negatives that could stem from the animal itself. Give it a try! For more information, visit Kabrita and learn more from the available resources.

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There might be a baby show convention in your locality and you are wondering whether to attend. Knowing what you may learn from this event beforehand might help you decide whether to attend or not. At high quality and well-organized baby shows, expectant and new parents can visit the booths of both national and local vendors and expect to learn more about the following.

Items and Equipment

Equipment and items ideal for a baby are arguably the most featured of all. Attending parents will get the opportunity to see and learn about all the latest, advanced, and exciting products currently available on the market. New types and inventions of nursery furniture, strollers, children clothing items, innovative toys, and a multitude of baby formula and foods are on display. The vendors offer enlightening and detailed literature on the products, including pros and cons. Some vendors will even offer free samples, plus experts are always available to give advice and more information about the featured items.

Maternity Items

Expectant and new parents can find a variety of new clothing styles and designs at a baby show convention. Both formal and informal clothing styles for expectant mothers will also be available. Some of the maternity items featured include special pillows, informative books and DVDs regarding the process of childbirth, as well as lotions and creams for the comfort of both expectant mothers and new-born children.


At these gatherings, many beneficial services are also on offer. Life insurance personnel, midwives, managers and owners of child care centers, and representatives of personal care will all be in attendance to provide guidance, answers, and additional information relating to the concerns new and expectant parents have. You get the opportunity to visit these professionals with the aim of finding out what would best fit you and your child.

Safety Supplies

Same as the BabyTime Show, baby show conventions also feature the best in safety supplies and parents can learn how best to keep their children from any sort of harm or danger, as well as course of action during an emergency. Safety supplies available for perusal and purchase include preventative supplies, and experts will always be close at hand in seminars and on a one-to-one basis to provide parents with even more information on ensuring the safety and security of their families.


A number of seminars and speeches on topics such as childcare, breastfeeding, food and nutrition, parenthood, and family fun will be offered. Entire families are welcome for such presentations since it boosts bonds and unity. Questions on vital topics will be answered, providing parents with an enhanced peace of mind and confidence regarding the entire process of child birth and rearing.

Additionally, music, mini concerts, a play area for children, and fun activities are all available at these conventions. Attending makes for a day well spent with your entire family in preparation for a new arrival or the care of one.

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Child Care

You are a parent in need of a quality daycare for your child. You want what is best for the family but don’t quite know how to begin this search. Here are 6 steps you should follow in your quest for the perfect child care Toronto solution.

Ask Friends and/or Relatives With Young Children

This is your best source of information as they will have honest, first-hand knowledge of the best childcare facilities. They can give you the pros and cons of each, and provide you with insight as to exactly what to look for and where.

Choose a Specific Type of Daycare

You may also wish to narrow down your choice of a facility by deciding on a specific type. Do you want to enroll your child in a large commercial facility with many extras or at a licensed home daycare that provides care to smaller groups? Church child care centers may also be a viable option in your community.

Compare Costs

Your budget may also be a determining factor. Tuition varies widely between different facilities, and this may be one question you may want answered first before you begin narrowing down your choices. Remember, the least expensive may not be the best choice. In fact, 1 in 4 preschools fail to meet quality standards. Choose a facility with reasonable costs and adequate staff.

Consider Location and Hours of Operation

These two factors are also high on your priority list. You will want a facility that is either close to your home or your place of work. The hours must also be compatible with your needs. For example, if you choose a daycare close to home but don’t get off work until six and your daycare closes at six, it is obvious that you will need to select another option.

Request References

After you have narrowed down your choices, always ask for parental references. Call these individuals and ask pertinent questions about attentiveness, safety, equipment, and meals. Objective parents who have used or are using these services can be an excellent source of information, insight and guidance.

Put Safety First

At each site, ask about the locations of first aid kits, fire extinguishers, and automated external defibrillator (AED) machines. Check the playground equipment to be sure that it has no sharp edges or other safety concerns. Inquire as to medical skills and certifications of the staff. Evacuation procedures should also be readily available, so parents know where to find their offspring in the case of a fire or other emergency. Study shows that child abuse at daycare are fairly rare so you don’t have to worry too much about that.

Finding the right child care is not a challenge to take lightly. You will want to know that your youngster will be safe, happy, and very well cared for. Following the above suggestions will have you well on your way to having the best in daycare options.

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Laser Hair Removal

You may have heard about laser hair removal and wondered if it was right for you. Every year, literally millions of women and men are having unwanted hair permanently and quickly removed from the face, arms, legs, back, bikini areas and underarms. A plastic surgeon or dermatologist uses a handheld device that targets the hair at the root with heat, destroying the follicle so that hair no longer grows there. The following are some excellent reasons why you should consider laser hair removal based on the latest trends in the beauty and body aesthetics industries.

No More Waxing!

Having problem areas professionally waxed to remove unwanted hair is expensive, and results are temporary. Waxing is also quite painful, especially to more sensitive areas on the body such as bikini lines, the upper lip and the latest trend is for men, removing hair from their chests and backs. Waxing works by sticking to the hair at skin level and yanking it out. Sometimes the hair breaks off instead of coming out with the wax, resulting in painful and unsightly ingrown hairs. Laser treatment targets the darkest part of the hair at the follicle and prevents new hair from growing. Beauty experts report more people are opting for laser treatments, leaving the waxing in the past where it belongs!

Way Better than Shaving!

Shaving with a razor has to be done on a daily basis to keep unwanted hair under control. Razors are expensive, and hair grows right back in the form of ugly and uncomfortable stubble. Shaving also only removes the hair at skin level and if your razor isn’t fresh it can leave a red, bumpy rash behind (razor burn) and razors can easily nick and cut the skin, even resulting in scars or infection. Laser hair removal Burlington do not harm the skin around the hair at all and there is no risk of cuts or even bruising. Thanks to the latest advances in the laser devices, laser removal of hair is virtually painless.

Cost Effectiveness

Whether you wax, shave or use a depilatory, you have to keep repeating these techniques for life (or live with unwanted hair!) and the costs for these methods adds up over a lifetime. For example, a women’s shaver with a handle and four 5 blade razor refills costs on average about $12-$14 for a one month supply. Plus shaving cream is about $4 per can every month, so approximately $20/month is $240 every year. Waxing costs even more! Compare that to how much a permanent, quick and pain free solution costs and laser hair removal is actually much less expensive in the long run! See this HuffingtonPost article that goes into it in more detail. Laser hair removal is the wave of the future when it comes to looking great and feeling confident about your appearance. Call for a consultation today!

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Modern women consider the extension of eyelashes the difference between a professional appearance and a casual look. Most of these women turn to the use of mascara to extend their eyelashes while others go to great lengths and experiment with the artificial eyelashes. Eyelash extensions are quick-fixes that are costly to install and maintain. While some women do not mind paying a little more, others prefer to train their eyelashes to suit their taste. Whatever your preference, an experienced beautician can modify your eyelashes in a myriad of ways.

Fake Eyelashes

Fake eyelashes are dramatic and enhance your eyes. False eyelashes are not for single use, but you can reuse them later. Cleaning the eyelashes involves removing the mascara so that you can apply new makeup as you recycle your lashes.

Curly eyelashes

Curly lashes enhance your appearance by opening your eyes to a broad range of possibilities. You can use an eyelash curler and mascara to get curly eyelashes and maximize the popping effect that stands out. After using the curler, apply the right mascara to maintain the shape. The standard tubular wand mascara is the ideal candidate since it can tweak your lashes to the form of your choice.

Long and thick eyelashes

Long eyelashes are beautiful to the eyes, and also good for your health. Natural and long eyelashes are your best option since they look cute with minimal effort. These lashes come with lots of advantages since they give you a professional image without breaking a sweat. For many women have the short and thin eyelashes, the goal is to have long and thick eyelashes anytime. For an evening outing, the longer and thicker eyelashes create a cute look and add to the romance with little to no effort, while for the shorter eyelashes, you would have to use a lot of time and money to achieve the same result.

Custom eyelashes

While you are likely to lose at least five lashes in a day, the replacements come almost immediately. The new eyelashes that replace the old brow are adaptable to any form of your choice. Some eyelashes grow facing downwards, but a beautician can train them to face upward with a daily upkeep regimen. If you apply mascara close to the inner lid and swipe the wand upwards, your lashes will remain in the desired position all day long. For a thickening effect, apply mascara, and then use an eyelash comb to separate the lashes. Stimulate eyelash growth by brushing the entire brow to adhere to your custom shape. Today, the image is everything, and eyelash extension training is instrumental for the upwardly mobile lady. Grooming is important for women who want to look gorgeous and romantic or stand out from the crowd.

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Jambu Gabby Eco Slip-On Loafer

Designed to fit seamlessly into lifestyles across generations of Eco conscious women, the Jambu Gabby Eco slip-on loafer is made to be a superb alternative to the favorite casual shoes most women choose, tennis shoes. They are comfortable like a casual shoe, with the good looks and city inspired tempo of an upscale trendy shoe.

Women who are in tune with the pleasure of helping the environment love the choice of the Jambu Gabby shoe with its innovative styling, highlighted by Eco-friendly features. Jambu Gabby shoes feature a rubber sole that is biodegradable and made from partially recycled materials. When the shoe is no longer being used, it will break down in a landfill in only about 25 years, compared with potentially hundreds of years with traditionally soled shoes.

A Fashionable Choice With An Eco Conscience

Jambu Gabby shoes have become a popular choice for shoppers with an Eco conscience who choose to shop one shoe stores Canada. When customers choose Jambu Gabby Eco slip-on loafers, they get a variety of new technological advances like:

– An antibacterial EVA foot-bed

– A partially recycled material out-sole that biodegrades in about 25 years

– A convenient woven pull loop on the back

– Stylish canvas and leather accented upper

– Comfortable slip-on styling

– Elastic pieces that join the canvas upper for superior comfort

– A specially designed All-Terra traction rubber sole for excellent traction on all surfaces

– A memory foam cushioned foot-bed for exceptional comfort

In addition, consumers know that when they choose to buy Jambu Gabby shoes, they are choosing to buy from a company with a culture of environmental conscientiousness. The Jambu Footwear Company has an admirable goal of planting new trees every year, to attempt to lessen their carbon footprint and to have an ecologically sound business model.

The Choice To Shop Online

Smart consumers today love to buy shoes online in Canada to help the environment. They find they can reduce the need to travel to a store, eliminating the gasoline usage and carbon monoxide emissions that traveling in person entails. It’s more convenient and faster to make a choice from one shoe stores Canada. Shopping online also saves time and effort.

Eco Friendly Products Make Sense

For those who are dedicated to making our world a better place for the citizens of tomorrow and interested in protecting natural resources, it simply makes sense to choose the most Eco friendly products available. Choices like nature inspired Jambu Gabby shoes that are beautiful on your feet and good for the environment make you feel uplifted. You know that you’re taking part in a movement to improve the environment and preserve our beautiful outdoors for future generations.

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When Mother’s Day rolls around, you want to get the mom in your life something special: something that shows her just how much you appreciate everything she’s done for you. It’s not about the twelve hours of back labor and no epidural. It’s about the everyday sacrifices that make your mom so amazing. Creating incredible Mother’s Day gift baskets will help show your mom exactly how much you appreciate her this year.

Start With the Basket

If you have a central item that’s perfect for starting your gift basket, then go with it! On the other hand, if you’re starting from scratch, try picking out the basket first. That will let you know how much space you have to fill and prevent you from sitting there the night before Mother’s Day desperately trying to cram too many items into an overflowing basket–or worse, trying to figure out a way to flesh out the contents of the basket at the last minute because it looks too empty.

Try a Theme

Think about the things that are important to your mother or that she really loves. Don’t forget to take her current needs into consideration! For example, a chocolate-filled basket might be appropriate some years, but not if she’s been on a strict diet or trying to lose weight. There are several themes that you can consider. Bath and body products are popular, especially if you know your mom’s favorite scents or the indulgent brands that she loves. If you go this route, be sure to choose high-end, indulgent bath products. The cheap ones often found in baskets around the Christmas holidays aren’t nearly as much fun! You could also try a cooking basket that provides her a selection of those kitchen items that she always needs more of, a baking basket that includes special mixes that you’ve put together just for her, or a tea basket that contains all her favorite hot drinks. Your imagination is the limit!

Incorporate a Few Special Items

You know your mom best: what special items will be sure to make her smile this Mother’s Day? It might be that you include a special piece of jewelry, a special box that you know will appeal to her, or a box or two of her favorite chocolate. You could add a figurine, a special photo album or book, or anything else that you know will touch your mom’s heart.

Putting together the perfect Mother’s Day gift basket isn’t easy, but it’s a labor of love that’s well worth the effort. As you put it together, be sure to keep thinking about your mom. It’s not just about the things you think will look pretty. It’s about the things she will love.

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As far as wine-loving moms are concerned, there is nothing boring about receiving a couple of their favorite bottles for Mother’s Day. Even so, why not spice it up a bit with one of the wine-themed gift suggestions below?

1. Wooden Wine Box

When it comes to wine lovers, just showing up with their favorite label will make their day, but this is Mom we’re talking about. She deserves something special, and what would be more perfect than presenting her with custom wood boxes to hold her wine? Wooden wine boxes from Ekan Concepts can be made as intricately or as simply as you like, and you can have a special message etched into the lid, giving Mom a unique reminder of Mother’s Day 2016 every time she goes to have a glass of wine.

2. Customized Gift Basket

Mother’s day gift baskets are a time-honored tradition, and their content is only limited by your imagination (and the size of the basket). Create your own gift basket for Mom filled with a few bottles of wine and a variety of pairings such as cheese, chocolate, and fruit. You can add a fun wine glass, corkscrew, or even a good book (for the moms who pair wine with reading) to the mix.

3. Homemade Cork Crafts

Moms adore homemade crafts from their children. Whether it’s a noodle necklace or a finger painting, you know that the artistic masterpiece is going to be proudly showcased. For the wine-loving mom, grab a bucketful of corks and create fun and unique projects such as a bulletin board, coasters, or trivets. If you’d like to get more creative, design wall art or even a floor mat. There are so many projects that can be done with wine corks; just grab a hot-glue gun and get to work!

4. Wine Club or Vineyard Membership

For the serious wine connoisseurs, you might consider giving the gift of a wine club membership. Most clubs deliver wine right to Mom’s doorstep, giving her the opportunity to try various types of wine and expand her palate. There are even clubs that are able to personalize your shipments according to taste, ensuring that Mom always gets what she likes.

Or, if you’re lucky enough to live near one, you can take things a step further by setting Mom up with a membership at a local vineyard. She can not only enjoy annual shipments of wine to her home, but she will have access to special events hosted by the vineyard, getting her up close and personal with her favorite adult beverage. Membership benefits vary, but whatever the differences, there is always wine involved.

5. Customized Wine Glass

Vino-lovers can never have enough wine glasses, so give Mom a glass unique to her. Have a quote from her favorite book or tv show etched into the side. You can even have famous pieces of art painted onto the glass, a perfect option for the art/wine-loving mom. With the nearly limitless options for customization, you’ll probably find that the new wine glass quickly becomes Mom’s most prized.

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Iconic model Cindy Crawford, a mother of two, was once asked how she kept her hair young-looking, and she replied that it’s not plastic surgery but a good cut and hair color that allow women to look amazing.

The right hairstyles for moms can significantly boost one’s appearance. In fact, allowing a talented hair stylist to create a new look can be quite transformational.

When looking for the perfect do, searching through social media gives you a lot of options and ideas to bring to the hair salon Toronto. Celebrities are moms, too, and they are trendsetters, meaning they are the first ones to try out new styles, treatments, colors and techniques. Famous faces are more than happy to share on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Here are our 5 Hairstyles For Moms To Make You Look Younger:

Jessica Alba Hairstyle

Jessica Alba’s Blunt Wavy Shoulder Length
Jessica Alba’s hair looks effortless with a beachy wave and texture falling to below shoulder length. This versatile trend in hairstyles for moms looks beautiful up, down, side-parted or pulled back. It’s modern, and something your hair stylist can achieve for you.


Cynthia Bailey’s Two Cute, Natural Braids
The gorgeous reality TV star of the Real Housewives of Atlanta suggests “talking a weave break, ladies.” The model loves switching it up at the hair salon with weaves and wigs but also goes natural. So she washes, conditions, air-dries and fashions hair into two, trendy ponytails or braids.

Reese Witherspoon Soft, Face-Framing Layers
The lovely blonde actress is always one of the best-dressed and best-coiffed in Hollywood. Her signature locks feature long layers that enhance her bone structure. Side-parted or down the middle, your hair stylist can copy this classic for you at the hair salon.

Royal Trendy Lob for Duchess Kate
The Duchess of Cambridge has thick, glossy hair admired around the globe, and many fans have followed suit with Kate’s new royal lob. This longer length bob and side-part works well for many occasions for this busy mom of two. Prince William approves of her new do.

Sharon Stone’s Short, Blonde Volume
At 57, this sexy mom with three active, young boys looks ageless. She has kept her famous blonde tresses short for years now. Sharon loves playing around with color, volume and brushing hair off her face to display her lovely features.

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When it comes to men and their fashion, seasons often go by without any real difference in mens clothing one season to the next. However, this winter men have come to embrace their fashion sense, and from accessories to casual wear are making a huge statement. Learn all about the awesomely trendy mens fashion this winter and how men are really stepping it up this year.

Gone are the days of simple cardigans, sweaters and pullovers in classic white, beige, black, gray, and brown that are the classic men staples as the temperatures drop. Today’s fashion for men includes hot neon colors that are decidely masculine, including deep purple, burgundy, orange, green, blue and even yellow. Mens clothing today is all about color and contrast, making trends more attractive and eye-catching than ever before.

Casual clothing is all the rage this winter season as well for men. Khakis, comfortable slacks, and wide leg jeans help make a man feel warm and cozy in his winterwear without feeling confined. Casual pants also help tone down trendy tops, completing a man’s wardrobe this season.

Shoes in comfortable loafers of all colors and designs are highly popular among men as well. Loafers this season go with all styles of outfits in mens fashion and help to complete any stylish look a man is wanting to accomplish.

Scarves and gloves are also a common trend this year in mens fashion. Paired with bold sweaters in an array of masculine and fun colors, a plain scarf and pair of gloves in winter white, beige, gray, and deep browns help make a warm outfit complete without being over the top. Scarves thick and bulky create a masculine appeal that all men love to stay warm this season.

A man balking at the thought of boldly hued sweaters and tops can take advantage of another fashion trend with men this year, which is thick stripes. Beautifully contrasted stripes in a sweater or pullover help to embrace the colorful trend with mens clothing this winter while being more subtle in design. Paired with a comfortable pair of casual jeans or khakis, striped tops make a great fashion choice for any trendy man wanting to make a statement this year. Striped tops are a great choice for men who want to be trendy without being too fashionable at the same time.

This season, there are many types of fashionable choices a man can make to be cool and trendy, from comfortable loafers that work with any outfit to a boldly colored sweater that looks and feels amazing. Men who love fashion can embrace the vibrant colors that are popular this season and beyond, and take advantage of prints and designs that are trendy and msculine in style. Even a casual striped sweater makes a statement for the man who likes to be trendy without being too over the top, and with casual wear being ever-popular, a male can be both comfortable and on top of style at the same time.

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When you are someone who is invested in making a good impression at a job interview, you will find that it is time for you to consider what you are wearing. We all know the old tropes about dressing for the job that you want, but what are the particulars? As a matter of fact, what should you avoid? Knowing what not to where can be just as important as knowing what to wear, so take a moment to consider what you need to know.

Loud Colors
For the most part, skip the loud colors. If there is anything too bright, glaring or discordant about your color choices, you will find that you are going to get shunted to one side. Take a moment to think about the colors in your wardrobe. The important thing to remember is that loud is not the same as bold. A bold color manages to help you stand out; a loud one is a distraction that means that you will not be regarded favorably. If you have issues telling one from the other, get a friend to help you.

Large Patterns
Large patterns tend to be frowned upon in the business workplace. If you have an outfit that has a small amount of patterns, especially if the repeating images are fairly small, you’ll be fine. However, you will discover that large patterns can give you a clownish look when you can least afford one. Take a moment to think about what your wardrobe looks like. A large pattern can be quite off-putting, so find something a little more sedate.

Anything Childish
There is nothing wrong with having a love of childish things, but for the most part, this will not serve you well in the workplace. When you are going in for a job interview, your personality can be slighlty playful, but leave anything else childish at home. For example, if you have a Hello Kitty purse or charm, leave it at home. You want people to remember you for your ability to program or your customer relation skills, not your love of a cartoon character.

Jeans are comfortable, but even if you might expect to wear them on the job if you get it, do not go into the interview wearing them. Wearing jeans implies that you do not take the job seriously. Instead, opt for a nice pair of khakis, simple black slacks or even a well-tailored skirt.

Broomstick Skirts
Though skirts are commonly seen as more professional than pants, you will find that that does not hold true for all skirts. The skirts that you wear to an interview should be tailored, and though they can be any length, it is customary for them to be relatively narrow. Broomstick skirts are loose and flowing, and they call to mind summer fun and times at the beach, not professional customer relations!

Take a few moments to consider what your options are when it comes dressing for an interview. Once you know what not to wear, things get easier.

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Summer means hot weather, outdoor activities, and hours by the pool. If you are one of many people who live in regions with cold winters and wet springs, summer also means time to shop for a new wardrobe. The winter wardrobe of long pants and sweaters can be neatly packed away for a few months of sunshine and warmth. Picking out what to wear in the summer months can be a challenge. Women run the risk of showing too much skin while men can risk looking too casual and frumpy. By following a few simple tips, however, both men and women can break out their summer styles with confidence.

What to Wear: Women

Summer for women can often mean short shorts and skirt and low cut, sleeveless tops. This style is often for a teenage generation and, while it may be comfortable, it is often inappropriate for a more mature lady. When searching for shorts, look for a pair that approaches that knee that you can comfortably sit and walk in. These can be made of a variety of different fabrics and can still be attractive and cool without showing too much thigh. The coolest skirts and dresses for summer are made of light and flowing material that stretches to the ankle or to the ground. The lose fabric acts as a sun barrier, preventing sun burn and direct heat from the sun, and the excess fabric creates a cool and shady environment for you legs. Similarly, the most stylish and comfortable tops are made of loose flowing material that gives your skin room to breath.

What to Wear: Men

Men’s clothing for summer can get too casual fast. Just because the summer weather is hot does not make athletic shorts appropriate for a day out with the family. Look for shorts made of a patterned material like plaid. This preppy look is classic and comfortable. If you are a slender guy, don’t be afraid to wear shorts above the knee. This style is extremely flattering for skinny men and can be cooler than long and baggy shorts. Finally, classic tee shirts are a great choice for summer for men. A simple, solid v-neck can make an outfit look comfortable and feel great. If you are looking for a more formal look, invest in a button down shirt in a light color such as pink or light green. Wear an under shirt and only button it part way. Then roll up the sleeves for a cool and attractive look. Choose fabrics that are cool and can be easily washed, like classic cotton. That way, these outfits can be worn outside in the yard, when playing with your kids or exercising your dog, and they won’t be ruined.

Summer fashions need to be functional, comfortable, affordable, and stylish. By selecting fabrics that breathable and washable, and choosing a few basic pieces that can be worn over and over again, you can create a summer wardrobe that is perfect for your style and your budget.

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weight loss

Post-natal yoga is a great way to get moms back into shape. Almost everyone is familiar with the benefits of prenatal exercise, but very few are familiar with how additional classes aide with the after-birth process. Yoga instructors indicate that post-natal workouts:

– Rebuild softened ligaments and tendons commonly overworked during pregnancy.

– Relax areas of the female body that frequently hold stress, including the neck and upper back.

– Offer new moms a small break in the middle of a hectic day.

– Tighten pelvic floor muscles, a very important issue for women who have recently given birth.

New mothers should not perform heavy aerobic exercises immediately after giving birth. Women who exercised throughout their pregnancy feel that post-natal yoga provides a gentle crossover back into normal routines. For newbies who were never big on workouts, yoga offers a gentle introduction to the world of physical fitness.

How Classes Operate

Post-natal yoga classes welcome newborns! Instructors encourage mothers to use the time as a special bonding experience. In most cases, teachers hold crying babies so mom can assume her desired pose.

Interested parents should contact the class directly for enrollment details. Some require pre-registration, while others work on a drop-in basis. Depending on the class, newborns young as one week old may attend. Some require children to be at least three weeks old.

Attendees are encouraged to come frequently as possible for maximum results. However, instructors understand demands placed on new parents. Mothers attended classes until children start to become a little more active, typically around the age of one.

Sample Poses
Poses that women can do in the comfort of their home include:

– Apanasana, or supine knee to chest poses, for instant back tension relief.

– Virabhadrasana 2, or warrior pose, a standing exercise that strengthens all-important core muscles.

– Viloma Breathing that focuses on inhalations to combat aggravation bought on by sleep deprivation.

When to Start

The human body is an eloquent machine. In some cases, women start poses one week after giving birth. Other women require one or more months to heal for physical activity. A general rule of thumb is always listen to a licensed physician on exactly when to begin working out.

Additional Post-Natal Yoga Benefits

The post-natal period is full of conflicting emotions. Yoga helps new mothers work rebuild mental strength in addition to their outward appearance. Healthy living advocates and scientists alike are beginning to make a connection regarding the role of post-natal yoga in the reduction of depression symptoms.

Based on an ancient Sanskrit word which means “to join”, yoga encourages mind and body to become one. Used for centuries as a relaxation and meditation tool, yoga remains a gentle method maintaining flexibility and strength. The poses remain an excellent way for new mothers to regain their shape.

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Running is a great way to stay in shape, but runners with busy schedules often find themselves without enough daylight to fit everything in. Rather than submitting to running on a treadmill at the gym, many runners choose to exercise at night.

Running in the dark can be a dangerous pursuit. However, there are several things runners can do to better ensure safety like choosing not to wear headphones and running along well lit streets. For additional safety, many nighttime runners are also choosing athletic wear that is designed to make them more visible in low light conditions.

For the Torso

Athletes can choose from a wide variety of t-shirts and jackets that will make them more visible. Choosing colors like white, yellow and orange is advisable. Also, many of these items are equipped with reflective surfaces. Some of these pieces may be covered by reflective material while others feature reflective trim or accents. When in doubt, the best choice is a top in a color like white or bright yellow with plenty of reflective additions.

Some runners are also making use of lightweight mesh vests when they run at night. These are usually available in bright safety colors and again feature reflective materials. As a bonus, many of these safety vests are also equipped with lights for extra visibility. The appeal of these vests is that they can turn any athletic wear into clothing that is highly visible during the nighttime hours.

For the Legs

Many athletic wear manufacturers are producing shorts and pants that have reflective material that is similar to that found on tops and jackets. Although runners may feel like their look is obnoxiously bright, safety precautions like wearing reflective tops and bottoms can actually prevent accidents and may even save lives.

Arms and Feet

From a distance, it may be difficult to distinguish if light is reflecting from a stationary object or a runner. That’s why it generally makes sense to put reflective material or lights on the arms or feet. Many athletic shoe manufacturers make reflectivity a basic component of some of their products. Some runners are also beginning to use arm bands with flashing lights to signal their approach to oncoming drivers. Measures like these can effectively make runners more visible even in the lowest light.

Accessories and Pets

Headlamps and lighted waist bands are useful accessories for the dedicated late night runner. Similarly, many runners are wearing hats that serve dual purposes. First, a hat with a bill prevents branches and other objects that are obscured by the low light conditions from hitting runners in the face. Second, many of these hats now feature lights in the bill. These hats help runners see where they are going and make them more visible.

Many runners bring a four legged friend along for their late night runs. These best friends can also be made more visible if they are wearing a reflective collar or have a flashing light that dangles from their collar.

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