5 Mother’s Day Gifts for Wine Loving Moms


As far as wine-loving moms are concerned, there is nothing boring about receiving a couple of their favorite bottles for Mother’s Day. Even so, why not spice it up a bit with one of the wine-themed gift suggestions below?

1. Wooden Wine Box

When it comes to wine lovers, just showing up with their favorite label will make their day, but this is Mom we’re talking about. She deserves something special, and what would be more perfect than presenting her with custom wood boxes to hold her wine? Wooden wine boxes from Ekan Concepts can be made as intricately or as simply as you like, and you can have a special message etched into the lid, giving Mom a unique reminder of Mother’s Day 2016 every time she goes to have a glass of wine.

2. Customized Gift Basket

Mother’s day gift baskets are a time-honored tradition, and their content is only limited by your imagination (and the size of the basket). Create your own gift basket for Mom filled with a few bottles of wine and a variety of pairings such as cheese, chocolate, and fruit. You can add a fun wine glass, corkscrew, or even a good book (for the moms who pair wine with reading) to the mix.

3. Homemade Cork Crafts

Moms adore homemade crafts from their children. Whether it’s a noodle necklace or a finger painting, you know that the artistic masterpiece is going to be proudly showcased. For the wine-loving mom, grab a bucketful of corks and create fun and unique projects such as a bulletin board, coasters, or trivets. If you’d like to get more creative, design wall art or even a floor mat. There are so many projects that can be done with wine corks; just grab a hot-glue gun and get to work!

4. Wine Club or Vineyard Membership

For the serious wine connoisseurs, you might consider giving the gift of a wine club membership. Most clubs deliver wine right to Mom’s doorstep, giving her the opportunity to try various types of wine and expand her palate. There are even clubs that are able to personalize your shipments according to taste, ensuring that Mom always gets what she likes.

Or, if you’re lucky enough to live near one, you can take things a step further by setting Mom up with a membership at a local vineyard. She can not only enjoy annual shipments of wine to her home, but she will have access to special events hosted by the vineyard, getting her up close and personal with her favorite adult beverage. Membership benefits vary, but whatever the differences, there is always wine involved.

5. Customized Wine Glass

Vino-lovers can never have enough wine glasses, so give Mom a glass unique to her. Have a quote from her favorite book or tv show etched into the side. You can even have famous pieces of art painted onto the glass, a perfect option for the art/wine-loving mom. With the nearly limitless options for customization, you’ll probably find that the new wine glass quickly becomes Mom’s most prized.