5 ways to contribute to a charity without any money

Regardless of your income level, giving to charity is always a good idea. While donating money is a preferred choice because of the different areas it can assist with, no one should feel bad if they are not able to make sizeable cash donations or any at all. If you are determined to help a charitable cause and do not have the money to do so, there are plenty of ways you can still help. Below are 5 great ways you can give to a charity without donating money.

1. Volunteer your free time

The simplest yet best way you can help a children’s charity is by giving your time. According to numerous studies, it has been established that charities require people to assist in operations more than they need money. Since everybody is usually able to assist with something, you will be surprised by how many charity organizations could be looking for a skill that you have. Whether you are good in accounting, legal services, writing, or graphic design, charities can always use your assistance. If you still feel that you are unable to be of assistance, some organizations still need people to collect donations and no exceptional skills are usually needed to do this.

2. Give in kind

Some charitable groups will benefit from receiving items that you have in your home that you no longer use. From books and old computers to appliances and clothing, charitable organizations sometimes have thrift shops or sales where they sell these thing to collect money to go towards their cause. If you are looking to clean your home and help a great cause at the same time, giving the items to charity can be a great way to ensure that other individuals can benefit from them. If you do not have a local chapter of a charity that will accept items, places such as schools, churches, or food banks usually accept donations of these items and donate the proceeds to charity.

3. Craft something you can donate

If you are skilled in making things, you can donate items that you knit, crochet, or stitch to charity instead of cash. Many people make blankets, hats, and mittens for those in need and they are graciously accepted and appreciated. Alternatively, if you wish to spread the proceeds of your craft throughout many different charities, you can sell your items yourself and then donate the proceeds accordingly. Charitable organizations such as shelters are always accepting woollen items that people make and these items are usually in extremely high demand. This saves the organization money because without you donating these items, they would have to spend some of their budget on them.

4. Help to raise awareness

The fact that you are unable to afford to donate as much money as you would like to charity does not mean that others cannot. If you are passionate about a certain charitable organization, making people aware is a great way to potentially increase the amount of money people donation to the cause. Strategies such as word of mouth, social media, and email campaigns are effective in raising awareness and are used by many to gather donations for a particular charity.

5. Rewards credit card

Some banks in Canada offer credit cards that are affiliated with certain charitable organizations. With these types of cards, for every transaction you make, money is given to the specified charity either in the form of a small percentage of your total transaction or points are saved and once a certain threshold is met, an amount is given to the organization. This does not require any additional money on your behalf as the donations are given to the charity using the money you have already spent. Using this method allows you to purchase the items you need and help a charity simultaneously through the use of your credit card, meaning you are giving a cash donation but you are not left out of pocket.