4 Cool Fanny Packs To Buy For Your Husband

If you are a strong Canadian man, you may not think that the term “fanny packs” and cool should go in the same sentence. However, fanny packs are some amazing options for protecting your most precious valuables from theft, water damage and misplacement. Cool fanny packs are available for you. Therefore, you should consider getting one for your next trip. here are a few ideas for fanny packs that you can purchase for yourself and still feel cool:

1. The Rugged Fanny Pack

You can purchase an amazingly rugged fanny pack for less than $25 at a sporting goods shop. The outdoors waist pack looks nothing like your average dainty option that you see. It is a thick, sturdy, tough and resilient pack that is designed almost like a backpack. It has a zipper on it for storage, and it has various compartments for organization and storage. This option usually comes in polyester, and you will absolutely love it.

2.The Tool Roll Fanny Pack

The tool roll fanny pack is a clever option that you may want to look into if you have a profession as a carpenter or other type of handyman. The legacy tool roll has compartments in it that you can place tools such as screwdrivers, hammers, pliers and more. Furthermore, you may be able to find a package that is water resistant.

3.The Leather Business Fanny Pack

If you are a business man, you may prefer to have something that bears an elegant style. You can certainly find something that has a genuine leather texture and is also big enough to hold all of your important items. You can find sturdy options that have enough room inside of them for books, binders and other business materials that you need to take with you. Leather packs are great for students, as well.

4.The Surfer Fanny Pack

You will want to find cool fanny packs that are water resistant if you are a surfer or a person who likes to spend time in the water. You can sift through a wide variety of waterproof options for yourself. Do not hesitate to look at some of them. You can even buy a waterproof option if you are into fitness. Many people sweat when they are working out. Fanny pack makers knew that, so they developed options that would repel their sweat. Some of the fitness options come with additional items such as wristband and cases for the cell phone.

Looking for cool fanny packs can turn into a super-fun experience for you. So many options are available that it will be difficult for you not to find something that you like. Start searching for the perfect fanny pack today.