Creating the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift Basket

When Mother’s Day rolls around, you want to get the mom in your life something special: something that shows her just how much you appreciate everything she’s done for you. It’s not about the twelve hours of back labor and no epidural. It’s about the everyday sacrifices that make your mom so amazing. Creating incredible Mother’s Day gift baskets will help show your mom exactly how much you appreciate her this year.

Start With the Basket

If you have a central item that’s perfect for starting your gift basket, then go with it! On the other hand, if you’re starting from scratch, try picking out the basket first. That will let you know how much space you have to fill and prevent you from sitting there the night before Mother’s Day desperately trying to cram too many items into an overflowing basket–or worse, trying to figure out a way to flesh out the contents of the basket at the last minute because it looks too empty.

Try a Theme

Think about the things that are important to your mother or that she really loves. Don’t forget to take her current needs into consideration! For example, a chocolate-filled basket might be appropriate some years, but not if she’s been on a strict diet or trying to lose weight. There are several themes that you can consider. Bath and body products are popular, especially if you know your mom’s favorite scents or the indulgent brands that she loves. If you go this route, be sure to choose high-end, indulgent bath products. The cheap ones often found in baskets around the Christmas holidays aren’t nearly as much fun! You could also try a cooking basket that provides her a selection of those kitchen items that she always needs more of, a baking basket that includes special mixes that you’ve put together just for her, or a tea basket that contains all her favorite hot drinks. Your imagination is the limit!

Incorporate a Few Special Items

You know your mom best: what special items will be sure to make her smile this Mother’s Day? It might be that you include a special piece of jewelry, a special box that you know will appeal to her, or a box or two of her favorite chocolate. You could add a figurine, a special photo album or book, or anything else that you know will touch your mom’s heart.

Putting together the perfect Mother’s Day gift basket isn’t easy, but it’s a labor of love that’s well worth the effort. As you put it together, be sure to keep thinking about your mom. It’s not just about the things you think will look pretty. It’s about the things she will love.