Eco-Friendly Shoes: Jambu Gabby Eco Slip-On Loafer

Jambu Gabby Eco Slip-On Loafer

Designed to fit seamlessly into lifestyles across generations of Eco conscious women, the Jambu Gabby Eco slip-on loafer is made to be a superb alternative to the favorite casual shoes most women choose, tennis shoes. They are comfortable like a casual shoe, with the good looks and city inspired tempo of an upscale trendy shoe.

Women who are in tune with the pleasure of helping the environment love the choice of the Jambu Gabby shoe with its innovative styling, highlighted by Eco-friendly features. Jambu Gabby shoes feature a rubber sole that is biodegradable and made from partially recycled materials. When the shoe is no longer being used, it will break down in a landfill in only about 25 years, compared with potentially hundreds of years with traditionally soled shoes.

A Fashionable Choice With An Eco Conscience

Jambu Gabby shoes have become a popular choice for shoppers with an Eco conscience who choose to shop one shoe stores Canada. When customers choose Jambu Gabby Eco slip-on loafers, they get a variety of new technological advances like:

– An antibacterial EVA foot-bed

– A partially recycled material out-sole that biodegrades in about 25 years

– A convenient woven pull loop on the back

– Stylish canvas and leather accented upper

– Comfortable slip-on styling

– Elastic pieces that join the canvas upper for superior comfort

– A specially designed All-Terra traction rubber sole for excellent traction on all surfaces

– A memory foam cushioned foot-bed for exceptional comfort

In addition, consumers know that when they choose to buy Jambu Gabby shoes, they are choosing to buy from a company with a culture of environmental conscientiousness. The Jambu Footwear Company has an admirable goal of planting new trees every year, to attempt to lessen their carbon footprint and to have an ecologically sound business model.

The Choice To Shop Online

Smart consumers today love to buy shoes online in Canada to help the environment. They find they can reduce the need to travel to a store, eliminating the gasoline usage and carbon monoxide emissions that traveling in person entails. It’s more convenient and faster to make a choice from one shoe stores Canada. Shopping online also saves time and effort.

Eco Friendly Products Make Sense

For those who are dedicated to making our world a better place for the citizens of tomorrow and interested in protecting natural resources, it simply makes sense to choose the most Eco friendly products available. Choices like nature inspired Jambu Gabby shoes that are beautiful on your feet and good for the environment make you feel uplifted. You know that you’re taking part in a movement to improve the environment and preserve our beautiful outdoors for future generations.