How To Get Back In Shape: Post-Natal Yoga

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Post-natal yoga is a great way to get moms back into shape. Almost everyone is familiar with the benefits of prenatal exercise, but very few are familiar with how additional classes aide with the after-birth process. Yoga instructors indicate that post-natal workouts:

– Rebuild softened ligaments and tendons commonly overworked during pregnancy.

– Relax areas of the female body that frequently hold stress, including the neck and upper back.

– Offer new moms a small break in the middle of a hectic day.

– Tighten pelvic floor muscles, a very important issue for women who have recently given birth.

New mothers should not perform heavy aerobic exercises immediately after giving birth. Women who exercised throughout their pregnancy feel that post-natal yoga provides a gentle crossover back into normal routines. For newbies who were never big on workouts, yoga offers a gentle introduction to the world of physical fitness.

How Classes Operate

Post-natal yoga classes welcome newborns! Instructors encourage mothers to use the time as a special bonding experience. In most cases, teachers hold crying babies so mom can assume her desired pose.

Interested parents should contact the class directly for enrollment details. Some require pre-registration, while others work on a drop-in basis. Depending on the class, newborns young as one week old may attend. Some require children to be at least three weeks old.

Attendees are encouraged to come frequently as possible for maximum results. However, instructors understand demands placed on new parents. Mothers attended classes until children start to become a little more active, typically around the age of one.

Sample Poses
Poses that women can do in the comfort of their home include:

– Apanasana, or supine knee to chest poses, for instant back tension relief.

– Virabhadrasana 2, or warrior pose, a standing exercise that strengthens all-important core muscles.

– Viloma Breathing that focuses on inhalations to combat aggravation bought on by sleep deprivation.

When to Start

The human body is an eloquent machine. In some cases, women start poses one week after giving birth. Other women require one or more months to heal for physical activity. A general rule of thumb is always listen to a licensed physician on exactly when to begin working out.

Additional Post-Natal Yoga Benefits

The post-natal period is full of conflicting emotions. Yoga helps new mothers work rebuild mental strength in addition to their outward appearance. Healthy living advocates and scientists alike are beginning to make a connection regarding the role of post-natal yoga in the reduction of depression symptoms.

Based on an ancient Sanskrit word which means “to join”, yoga encourages mind and body to become one. Used for centuries as a relaxation and meditation tool, yoga remains a gentle method maintaining flexibility and strength. The poses remain an excellent way for new mothers to regain their shape.