Staying Classy In The Cold


When it comes to men and their fashion, seasons often go by without any real difference in mens clothing one season to the next. However, this winter men have come to embrace their fashion sense, and from accessories to casual wear are making a huge statement. Learn all about the awesomely trendy mens fashion this winter and how men are really stepping it up this year.

Gone are the days of simple cardigans, sweaters and pullovers in classic white, beige, black, gray, and brown that are the classic men staples as the temperatures drop. Today’s fashion for men includes hot neon colors that are decidely masculine, including deep purple, burgundy, orange, green, blue and even yellow. Mens clothing today is all about color and contrast, making trends more attractive and eye-catching than ever before.

Casual clothing is all the rage this winter season as well for men. Khakis, comfortable slacks, and wide leg jeans help make a man feel warm and cozy in his winterwear without feeling confined. Casual pants also help tone down trendy tops, completing a man’s wardrobe this season.

Shoes in comfortable loafers of all colors and designs are highly popular among men as well. Loafers this season go with all styles of outfits in mens fashion and help to complete any stylish look a man is wanting to accomplish.

Scarves and gloves are also a common trend this year in mens fashion. Paired with bold sweaters in an array of masculine and fun colors, a plain scarf and pair of gloves in winter white, beige, gray, and deep browns help make a warm outfit complete without being over the top. Scarves thick and bulky create a masculine appeal that all men love to stay warm this season.

A man balking at the thought of boldly hued sweaters and tops can take advantage of another fashion trend with men this year, which is thick stripes. Beautifully contrasted stripes in a sweater or pullover help to embrace the colorful trend with mens clothing this winter while being more subtle in design. Paired with a comfortable pair of casual jeans or khakis, striped tops make a great fashion choice for any trendy man wanting to make a statement this year. Striped tops are a great choice for men who want to be trendy without being too fashionable at the same time.

This season, there are many types of fashionable choices a man can make to be cool and trendy, from comfortable loafers that work with any outfit to a boldly colored sweater that looks and feels amazing. Men who love fashion can embrace the vibrant colors that are popular this season and beyond, and take advantage of prints and designs that are trendy and msculine in style. Even a casual striped sweater makes a statement for the man who likes to be trendy without being too over the top, and with casual wear being ever-popular, a male can be both comfortable and on top of style at the same time.