The Best Women Hairstyles for 2016

Sometimes changing up your hairstyle can bring about a whole new level of confidence along with the serious change in appearance. Many women tend to change how their hair looks depending on the season. For summer, for example, a shorter hairstyle helps keep the head, neck, and shoulders a tad bit cooler in the warm summer sun. For winter, however, a long hairstyle generally keeps all of that nice heat in and around the head. Some, still, opt for appearance over anything else. You can visit your local hair salon to receive the haircut of your dreams after finding a bit of inspiration.


During the hot months of the year, wearing your hair long, flowing down your neck and shoulders, will sometimes feel like a wool scarf. The bob haircut is making a comeback thanks to the cooling effect that it provides. Some women truly enjoy how everything falls into its rightful place when you have such a short, strong hairstyle.

Long Layers

For those women who prefer not to cut their hair short, growing your hair out is highly recommended by a hair stylist. Long, disheveled lairs help remove split ends and craft a soft, ragged-style to your hair. Longer layers tend to feel more organic on most women, and you can usually try various new styles with longer hair.

Bold Curls

After spending countless years braiding and ironing your hair flat, many women find that letting loose their most natural curls is the way to go this year. Bold curls tend to make hair appear more natural and wild, complimenting your personality and wardrobe. Curls are often considered extremely fresh and fun; a great way to simply let loose!

Center Part

The Center Part is one of the most natural looking hair styles currently trending with women across the world. An example of this particular hairstyle would be that of Sophia Vergara, the actress. Skipping the sometimes obnoxious side-part that some women go for, simply throw your hair back from the center and look fabulous!

One-Direction Curls

You may be asking yourself what the boy-band has to do with hair. The answer is nothing! This hairstyle includes curling both sides of your hair and pointing them in the same direction. It is a fresh new take on the structured waves that were so popular last year. A large-barrel curling iron is required to achieve such a style, though. Creating a deep part in the opposite direction, then curl and pull the hair behind one year to keep the locks looking too stiff.

These are just a few simple hairstyles women can try in 2016. They are trending quite well amongst many actresses, models, and celebrities, many of whom inspire young women all over the world. Hair dressors can accomplish anything here. For those of you interested, you can learn more information at Tony Shamas Hair & Laser Salon.