What Not To Wear To A Job Interview


When you are someone who is invested in making a good impression at a job interview, you will find that it is time for you to consider what you are wearing. We all know the old tropes about dressing for the job that you want, but what are the particulars? As a matter of fact, what should you avoid? Knowing what not to where can be just as important as knowing what to wear, so take a moment to consider what you need to know.

Loud Colors
For the most part, skip the loud colors. If there is anything too bright, glaring or discordant about your color choices, you will find that you are going to get shunted to one side. Take a moment to think about the colors in your wardrobe. The important thing to remember is that loud is not the same as bold. A bold color manages to help you stand out; a loud one is a distraction that means that you will not be regarded favorably. If you have issues telling one from the other, get a friend to help you.

Large Patterns
Large patterns tend to be frowned upon in the business workplace. If you have an outfit that has a small amount of patterns, especially if the repeating images are fairly small, you’ll be fine. However, you will discover that large patterns can give you a clownish look when you can least afford one. Take a moment to think about what your wardrobe looks like. A large pattern can be quite off-putting, so find something a little more sedate.

Anything Childish
There is nothing wrong with having a love of childish things, but for the most part, this will not serve you well in the workplace. When you are going in for a job interview, your personality can be slighlty playful, but leave anything else childish at home. For example, if you have a Hello Kitty purse or charm, leave it at home. You want people to remember you for your ability to program or your customer relation skills, not your love of a cartoon character.

Jeans are comfortable, but even if you might expect to wear them on the job if you get it, do not go into the interview wearing them. Wearing jeans implies that you do not take the job seriously. Instead, opt for a nice pair of khakis, simple black slacks or even a well-tailored skirt.

Broomstick Skirts
Though skirts are commonly seen as more professional than pants, you will find that that does not hold true for all skirts. The skirts that you wear to an interview should be tailored, and though they can be any length, it is customary for them to be relatively narrow. Broomstick skirts are loose and flowing, and they call to mind summer fun and times at the beach, not professional customer relations!

Take a few moments to consider what your options are when it comes dressing for an interview. Once you know what not to wear, things get easier.